About Roberto

ROBERTO STARNINO Personal Trainer & Whole Health Development Pioneer

Starnino, a former All-Canadian Academic football player who overcame a stroke, is one of the first to use personal training as a tool to help busy professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who live, work or play in and around the old city to fix their back, gain energy and lose their fat. He develops their whole health—physical, mental, and emotional—through exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and success coaching.

THE ROBERTO STARNINO STORY: From Personal Triumph to Personal Training

From Adversity to Inspiration
Taunted by classmates for being an overweight child, Roberto Starnino decided to change his fate. He retreated to his family’s basement and started to build his body with gallon jugs and a warn-down York bench. He joined a dilapidated gym at the age of 15 and began training people within a year. Gaining 60 lbs. of muscle caught the attention of college football recruiters from across the country. Competitive scholarship offers poured in for this rising star. Following his heart, Starnino chose to stay with his girlfriend in Montreal. He became an All-Canadian Academic lineman, while studying for his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Concordia University. Starnino had it all — a beautiful girlfriend, a promising football career and a job training people at one of Montreal’s most beautiful health and fitness club. Then the unthinkable happened. During the last practice at training camp before turning pro, Starnino suffered a stroke.

Overcoming Tragedy
Hemi-paralyzed and bed ridden for almost two months at the Montreal Neurological Institute’s intensive care unit, Starnino lost his career, his friends, his girl and his dream. The depression was just as crippling as the stroke. Starnino was grief stricken, a broken man. One day Starnino observed an elderly patient who also suffered from hemi-paralysis. The old man was sitting up in a chair and was gamely trying to feed himself. With newfound resolve, Starnino began to move… to will his body to comply. At that moment, Starnino decided he would overcome his accident.

The Road to Revelation
Starnino studied all there was to read in the field of health and vitality during his two years of intensive rehabilitation. He immersed himself in the literature, quickly identifying the shortcomings of traditional medicine. These shortcomings were a revelation, leading to his dream. Starnino became his own trainer, using his newfound knowledge to create a highly specialized approach to healthcare. His miraculous recovery from the stroke further encouraged Starnino to pursue his dream in this field.

Quality Care
With passion and resolve, he embraced key disciplines within today’s multifaceted healthcare arena. Starnino studied exercise, nutrition and lifestyle sciences under Paul Chek H.H.P. at the prestigious C.H.E.K. Institute in California, where he also studied under Dodie Anderson at the Metabolic Typing Education Center (MTEC) and William G. Timmins N.D. at Biohealth Diagnostics to become Quebec’s first Holistic Lifestyle coach, Healthexcel Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser and Biohealth Practitioner. Not only is Starnino a Neuro-Linguistic programmer (NLP), having studied under Hawaii-based specialist Tad James M.S. Ph.D. at Advanced Neuro Dynamics, but Starnino continually advances his osteopathy training with Dr. Guy Voyer D.O. at the rigorous Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy and his naturopathy training with Christian Limoges N.D. at the CENAB Biogenic Institute. Likewise, Starnino is a trained posturologist and student of esteemed French posturologist Dr Bernard Bricot. M.D. Informed and fuelled by this diverse body of knowledge, Starnino created a unique and comprehensive approach to healthcare.