Personal Training

Studio Gymnasia is regarded as the specialist for personal training in Old Montréal. Everyone is different; a good personal trainer will identify these differences and design an exercise program adapted to the needs of the individual.

Working with a personal trainer provides the support and motivation needed to achieve your fitness goals. Studio Gymnasia is fortunate to have assembled a team of highly qualified consultants and offers a variety of personal training packages to suit every need.

Packages range from 12, 24 even 50 sessions for the truly committed. We also offer duo (couple) packages.

Our Starter Package which consists of three discounted sessions is designed to introduce you to Studio Gymnasia, its consultants and service. It can also be used to design a new training and nutrition program.

We offer you a free initial consultation with one of our coaches in order to better understand your needs. This session will enable us to design a truly personalized exercise and nutrition program. .

Reserve you initial consultation now.

Five reasons for choosing a personal trainer at Studio Gymnasia :

1) Reaching your goal

Working with a personal trainer provides expertise, support and motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

2) Personalized exercise and nutrition program

We are all different; metabolism, schedule, tastes, objectives. A personal trainer will take all those differences into account and design an exercise program adapted to your needs.

3) Maintain motivation

Your trainer will keep you on track; contact you if you miss an appointment and help you overcome obstacles.

4) Learn proper technique and good posture

Proper technique and good posture are the foundation for long term fitness and health. A personal trainer will correct and reinforce the fundamentals of proper exercise so that you may remain pain free.

5) The pleasure principal

What better gift to give oneself than the gift of health and wellness? A personal trainer can make the process more appealing.